Rear View Backup

9 Quad Monitor System CCD Color Rear View Backup Camera Kit for Bus Caravan RV

9 Quad Monitor System CCD Color Rear View Backup Camera Kit for Bus Caravan RV

9 Quad Monitor System CCD Color Rear View Backup Camera Kit for Bus Caravan RV
Vehicle Camera Vision Safety System For Truck Trailer Caravan Bus Harvester. These cameras enable drivers to see objects and people directly behind their vehicles.

Rear view cameras make parking, driving and backing up a safer experience for everyone. To provide rear view safety to every commercial vehicle, preventing risk to life and limb and protecting corporations' reputation and assets. We apply our expertise on safe driving to every industry that needs it.

Including: school buses, boats, transit buses, commercial trucks, home/RV, emergency, and industrial. Digital Colour LCD wide screen video monitor. Built-in quad / Split screen. Able to show 4 camera views at one time.

Once trigger wire activated, image automatically switchover to corresponding camera. IR Night Vision, 18 built-in IR LED. Side camera has 10 IR LED.

Night vision distance up to 12 metres. Aluminum and PE shell, IP69K waterproof. To withstand vehicle shock & vibration. REAR VIEW CAMERAS SECURITY SYSTEM KIT. Digital QUAD / Split Screen Monitor + 1 x 4Pin Connector IR CCD Backup Cameras + 2 x 4Pin Connector IR CCD Side view Cameras + 3 x 15m 4pin Detachable Shield Cable. 9 Digital QUAD / Split Screen Monitor. Resolution: 800RGB(H)480(V). Dimensions: (L)228(W)154(T)27mm. We also provide 7" & 9" Digital Build-in.

The monitor has 6 image models. It can show single, dual, triple, quad image if you switchover AV button (when connecting with 4 cameras). Ideal for 2 side view or any other view as well as rear view.

As default, if need Metal Bracket, please send a message to us or write it in the comment when you order. The power cable of monitor has 6 wires, their definition as follows. Red wire: 12-32V Black wire: GND. Gray wire : trigger wire, control V1 Green wire : trigger wire, control V2 Blue wire : trigger wire, control V3 Brown wire : trigger wire, control V4.

For example, if the Gray wire has 12 volt, then the monitor will only show one image of V1 camera. The rest can be done in the same manner other trigger wires.

So please according to your requestion to connect those trigger wires to theleft light, right light and reversing light. Other, if you want the monitor always shows four image all the time, then those trigger wires need not connect to anything. The monitor build-in speaker only support. Audio channel input, so we recommend use the rear view camera as the audio input, so the driver can hear instructions immediately from the person guiding him at the rear of the RV. Waterproof CCD 600TV Line Color Camera. Night vision, infrared LED's, see up to 15m distance. Image Sensor: 1/3 CCD Sensor?

Signal System: PAL default & NTSC request? Effective pixel : PAL:752(H)×582(V)? Currently, there are two types of image sensors: CCD sensor and CMOS sensor. CCD:Charge Coupled Device, CCD sensors have higher quality and more pixels.

CMOS:Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, CMOS sensors traditionally have lower quality, lower resolution and lower sensitivity. All-glass lens, glass lens elements from 5 Piece. When your used at high or low temperatures, plastic lens will deform, the image becomes blurred, but glass lens will not. The side view camera has 10 infrared LEDs, and the rear view camera has 18 infrared LEDs. Infrared LED can monitor the effective distance of 15 meters. Infrared led make you safe driving at night. It through one light sensor to control those infrared LED's on and off. 4Pin Connector easy to install. Cameras have a MALE 4Pin connector, the power wire and the video wire are all in it, so easy to install. Please see the pin configuration. Dimension of Side View Camera and Rear View camera. Non- mirrored image and Mirror image cameras.

The cameras have two image model. One is mirror image, we also call it rear view camera, the other is non-mirror image, we also call it normal view camera or front view camera. Mirror image camera is used for reversing. And Non-mirror image is normally used for front view.

Mirror image also usually is used for side view. Difference of Non- mirrored image and Mirror image cameras. The rear view camera and side view camera are all have one. Non-Mirror Image camera as default. If need Mirror Image, please. Optional Extra 5m(16ft), 10m(32ft), 15m(49ft) or 20m(65ft). Cable is include the power wire and AV wire in it.

Need not add another power wire to the camera. It will shield vehicle's circuit interference better than normal AV cable. As default, if need other length cable, please send a message to us or write it in the comment when you order. We choose the best materials from USA, Korea and Japan, because we need high quality material to ensure the stability of our products. Today Rear View Safety is one of the leading providers of backup camera systems in the China.

From school buses to US Army vehicles, tour buses to UPS trucks, wheelchairs to blind spots on factory lines, we're their trusted safety camera systems supplier. Here at VehicleSafety store, your satisfaction is our No. The backup camera systems that will fit virtually any truck or trailer, emergency vehicle or commercial vehicle, including school buses, house boats, coach buses, Fork-lifts, tractor, motor homes and RVs! How to connect this system. We can provide extra 4PIN extension cables in 5m(16ft), 10m(32ft), 15m(49ft) or 20m(65ft) lengths cables. This system includes 15m(49ft) cable, which is connect the monitor to the cameras. Please confirm the length of your vehicle. NOTE 1: (1) We send U-bracket as default, we also provide metal bracket. (Optional) (2) This monitor do not have speaker as default, we also can provide it. NOTE 2: This system included 15m(49ft) cables, which is connect the monitor to the cameras.

We can provide 4PIN cables in 5m(16ft), 10m(32ft) or 20m(65ft) lengths. NOTE 3: The backup camera do not has audio output, we also provide camera audio output, which Build-in microphone. (1) 9 Split Screen Monitor x 1 (2) Rear View Camera x 1 (3) Side View Camera x 2 (4) 15m 4-Pin Shield Extemsion Cable x 3. Please kindly note: This item does not support DVR recorder.

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Require that the item should be delivered within a certain time. Please inform us in writinge. Return items MUST have all ORIGINAL packaging and accessories. If you receive a not-as-described e. We will arrange a replacement as soon as the case is confirmed.

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9 Quad Monitor System CCD Color Rear View Backup Camera Kit for Bus Caravan RV